sábado, 25 de enero de 2014

First set released and avalaible!! Babylonian Army 1/72 miniatures

We are more than happy to announce that finally, the 1/72 Babylonian Army is available and ready to be shipped. At last, after many setbacks and after two years since we created this blog and the prototypes, we are ready to offer you the possibility of having a new foe for your Egyptian, Assyrian, Jewish or Persian armies.

There has been some changes to the original prototypes. The armoured archer has been dropped,  but we have added 7 new poses. We have also added a Statue to give more life to your battles and dioramas. Another of the changes has been of the plastic used, we have dropped the very toxic resin to a non-toxic soft plastic. 

You can buy them in eBay in this eBay listing, or you can buy them at a discounted price in my blog clicking here. Don't try to find them in any shop, these soldiers can only be purchased online!

I leave you with the pic of the painted figures and statue;

Stay tuned as in the next weeks we are planning to release our second set of figures, with better detail and poses. Check the tab Future Releases for more details!

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