Thursday 21 May 2015

Bunch of News! Long Range Desert Group released, WW2 Civilians to be next set, Romano Britons cancelled

We have many news to announce from Hegemony Miniatures.

Firstly, a new set has been released, that will be available in two ways, in our normal boxed set, consisting of 33 figures, and a new "mini set", of 11 figures at a reduced price.

Secondly, the WW2 Civilians won the polls and will be the next set produced, along a new surprising set.

Lastly, the Romano Britons have been cancelled, and will no longer be available nor it's moulds refurbished due to problems in the process. They may be re-released with new moulds in the future if there is enough demand.

We leave you with the photographs of the painted examples of the Long Range Desert Group, which you can buy from this blog at a discounted price! (Note boxed set no longer available)