Wednesday 13 May 2020

Indian Mutiny Gurkhas released!

We are happy to announce that a new set has been released! the Gurkhas for the Indian Mutiny are ready to be bought;

This set consists of 21 figures in 7 poses. (always 2-3 extra figures will be included, to cover any error). Now free shipping worldwide is offered. Price is 18,99 € shipping included, introductory offer. 

You can also buy it from eBay;

You can also buy it directly through bank transfer, at a discounted price of 18 € shipping included worldwide. Contact us for details on how to proceed.

Front and back;

Monday 11 May 2020

Back to activity - shop reopened - news

We have good news; the shop is reopened and you can get all the sets we are currently producing at the lowest price on the net. All sets have been reissued now with a better quality plastic that will lead on to less flash and better detail (please note that from now on, all the sets will be either made in tan or grey plastic).

Soon we will issue a new set, the Indian Mutiny Gurkhas, and we will reissue the Persian War Elephants. Then, we plan on making a pre-order for the French Alpins, and probably in the future reissuing Romano Britons and other previous sets with more quality.