Friday 19 December 2014

Happy Christmas!

Here at Hegemony Miniatures we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everybody, and we hope you enjoy this dates with your family, cutting soldiers and building model kits!

We want to inform you too that all orders from now on will be processed again on the 8th of January, sorry for any inconvenience.

Happy Christmas!

Friday 5 December 2014

The Atlanteans (Minoan Army) - set released!

We can announce that today the fifth set of Hegemony Miniatures have been released, and can be bought here on the blog or on eBay.

The Atlanteans

Price; 8 GBP + 3 GBP shipping
Material; Hard Plastic
Contents; 30 unpainted figures with separate stands, weapons, banners and shields.

DescriptionRecreate the lost and mysterious battles of Atlantis against Athens, and their battles against Egypt. If you prefer to be historically strict, paint them as a Minoan Army.

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Atlanteans/Minoan Army Prototypes first look

Soon, our long awaited new set, chosen by the public in various polls, will be released. The Atlanteans are now in the production line, and we can show you the prototypes;

The set will retail at 8 GBP the box of 30 unpainted figures of semi-hard plastic, with shields, weapons and separate stands. 

Monday 16 June 2014

NEW RELEASE! THE TROJAN HORSE! 1/72 unassembled Model Kit with 3 figurines

We are proud to inform you that we have just released our next set, that in this case has been the legendary Trojan Horse, in 1/72. It is an unassembled model kit, easy to build (10 parts) along with 3 figurines, depicting Odysseus, Cassandra and Sinon (or whoever your imagination wants them to be!).

This set, as the Persian War Elephants, is entirely made out of hard plastic. 

It stands a stunning 13,5 cm of height, looking awesome among your 1/72 miniatures. This will cover the void left by the Atlantic set, done in a much more realistic style. 

For this release, we have signed an illustrator, Edgar, that will draw the covers of our boxes.

Stay tuned for our next release, planned for the end of this month, the Atlanteans, based on Bronze Age Greeks inhabiting the island of Thera (Santorini).

Available in our blog; The Trojan Horse
 or on eBay; Buy it Now

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Announcing re-release of Babylonians and Romano British

Meanwhile we keep advancing in the sculpting of the Trojan Horse, we at Hegemony Miniatures we have decided to re-release our first two sets in hard plastic, which will be much easier to paint and cheaper to buy. No more sets will be produced with the old rubber material.

The Babylonians will be not available during some time while they are produced with the new material, and they will be offered in a box.

The Romano British will still be available while stocks last, and then they will be unavailable for some time too until all adjustments and tests with the moulds are done and we can guarantee a minimum stock.

Wednesday 14 May 2014

More news; The Trojan Horse and open poll

We have just finished our last set and we already thinking of the next ones!

It has been confirmed the next set will be the Trojan Horse. A fully 1/72 model of the legendary horse that allowed the Greeks to enter to the city of Troy. Unseen since the Atlantic release, now almost impossible to find. It will be made 100 % of hard plastic.

The next piece of news is that we have opened a poll to help us decide the next set of soldiers. 

It is in your hand to decide which will be the subject! this poll will be conducted and taken into account different forums and websites.

This are the subjects;

Atlanteans; Semi-fantasy subject. A pseudo-historical representation of what could have been the Atlanteans if they really existed, seen as a sort of Mycenaean soldiers, with some fantasy touches.

Phoenicians; Pre-Persian rule, in their Golden Age. 1200 BC - 539 BC roughly.

Ponthic Army; The soldiers which Mithridates IV used against the Romans so many times.

Bagaudae; The peasant revolts that shakened the Roman Empire in it's decline.

Vandals; Will be made as the Vandals under Geiseric which sacked Rome in 455 AD.

Magyars; Circa 900 AD, as in their last battle against Otto II.

Napoleonic Ottoman Army; As the name suggests, Ottoman Army during the Napoleonic period.

Napoleonic French Sailors; All round sailors, not just official types, also sailors with informal uniform.

Greek Infantry WW1; Regular army and volunteers

Iraqi Army (first Gulf War); Regular army and rebels

Monday 12 May 2014

Persian War Elephants set released!!!

A great day comes as we release our first 100 % plastic set, the Persian War Elephants! 

We continue improving our releases, with finer sculpting, less flash (almost non-existant!) and with a plastic that will make painting as easy as any regular plastic soldier on the market today. This set can be glued with solvent glue, like Poly Cement from Humbrol. 

Nevertheless, we keep our environmental friendly manufacturing process, which uses bio-degradable plastic and produces nearly no residues nor toxic emissions.

You can buy them now securely through PayPal using the Buy Now button or if you prefer directly from eBay;

Friday 9 May 2014

Persian War Elephants; prototype pics

Here at Hegemony Miniatures we keep busy preparing the next set to release. The prototypes are finished and the release is going to be very soon. The Persian War Elephants will complete the gap left by other manufacturers, giving you the opportunity of perfectly representing the battle of Gaugamela, and other important battles of the Persian Empire.

As principal novelties, this set will be 100 % made out of plastic (bio-degradable plastic). And the flash will be reduced drastically. We have made this change to improve and be able offer better and more detailed figures, which will be much easier to paint. 

The set will consist of 2 Elephants and 6 crew. 

I leave you with the pics of the prototypes;

Friday 25 April 2014

King Arthur's Romano Britons 1/72 released!!!

We are happy to announce the release of our second set, the Romano Britons of King Arthur. We have learned a lot from our earlier release and we are convinced that now we offer a much better product at a much better price. 

                          002 - King Arthur's Romano Britons
1/72 - 28 figures -18 poses

Be sure to be fast to buy them as production will be limited! 5 sets are available as of now, and more production will be made, but you will have to wait a certain time.

In our constant endeavour to improve the quality of our soldiers and offer them at a lower cost, we will be changing the materials we use for the next set. 

Among other things, the next set will be easier to paint, will have much less flash and will be completely biodegradable. 

The next set will be the Persian Elephants, which the Persians recruited in their far east provinces and were at the Battle of Gaugamela.

The Persian Elephants will be released in mid-May.

Soon, a Romano British set in 1/76 and a 1/72 set of Romano British just including the army figures (without the unique ones) will be made available.

Friday 21 February 2014

First look at the Arthur's Romano Britons 1/72 figures!

We are very excited to tell you that the prototypes of our second set, King Arthur's Romano British, are ready. Soon the moulds will start to be created. The set will consist of 7 unique figures, and 11 regular soldiers x2, adding up to a total of 29 figures. It is planned that also, regular soldiers will be avalaible separately to those that want to build up a big army.

They are expected to be released on March-April.

 From left to right; skirmisher, guard, slinger, skirmisher, bowman

 From left to right; heavy swordsman, heavy spearman, spearman, celtic warrior, peasant spearman, casualty

 From left to right; Genevieve (or Romano British Queen), Lancelot (Officer), Vortigern (Noble), musician

 From left to right; religious fanatic, Merlin (or camp follower), King Arthur, Excalibur

Saturday 25 January 2014

First set released and avalaible!! Babylonian Army 1/72 miniatures

We are more than happy to announce that finally, the 1/72 Babylonian Army is available and ready to be shipped. At last, after many setbacks and after two years since we created this blog and the prototypes, we are ready to offer you the possibility of having a new foe for your Egyptian, Assyrian, Jewish or Persian armies.

There has been some changes to the original prototypes. The armoured archer has been dropped,  but we have added 7 new poses. We have also added a Statue to give more life to your battles and dioramas. Another of the changes has been of the plastic used, we have dropped the very toxic resin to a non-toxic soft plastic. 

I leave you with the pic of the painted figures and statue;

Stay tuned as in the next weeks we are planning to release our second set of figures, with better detail and poses. Check the tab Future Releases for more details!