About Hegemony Miniatures

Hegemomy Miniatures is a semi-artisanal manufacturer which aims at creating all those sets that other manufacturers don't bother to produce, creating new and interesting possibilities, instead of repeating the same themes over and over.

Hegemony Miniatures is a manufacturer based in Europe which designs and produces it's figures in Europe.

We are proud to say that our figures are the least contaminant and toxic in this hobby. The plastic we use is non-toxic, and it doesn't release any toxic agents, not even in the producing stage. 

Our selling system doesn't need several steps of distribution and transport, it is produced and sent directly to you.

Our figures require to be sealed with varnish to avoid paint chipping, as similar to any flexible plastic, it will chip if the figure is strongly bent.

We aim to continue improving each time, as in our first released set we've had to overcome countless setbacks and problems, and hundreds of hours have been spent in producing these soldiers. 

We apologize for not having replied in time to other emails, due to uncertainty of we could overcome these setbacks and be able of releasing the sets. All emails will now be replied in time.

For any further question contact our email; tam_cob@hotmail.com