Friday 21 February 2014

First look at the Arthur's Romano Britons 1/72 figures!

We are very excited to tell you that the prototypes of our second set, King Arthur's Romano British, are ready. Soon the moulds will start to be created. The set will consist of 7 unique figures, and 11 regular soldiers x2, adding up to a total of 29 figures. It is planned that also, regular soldiers will be avalaible separately to those that want to build up a big army.

They are expected to be released on March-April.

 From left to right; skirmisher, guard, slinger, skirmisher, bowman

 From left to right; heavy swordsman, heavy spearman, spearman, celtic warrior, peasant spearman, casualty

 From left to right; Genevieve (or Romano British Queen), Lancelot (Officer), Vortigern (Noble), musician

 From left to right; religious fanatic, Merlin (or camp follower), King Arthur, Excalibur