Thursday 19 February 2015

New poll to decide next set

Here we are making a poll to decide the new Hegemony Miniatures set!

Whatever option is higher when adding up the poll on several forums and on the official site, will be made. It will also be made at the same time another set, that might be or might not be on this list. 

If you would rather see something which is not in the list, then tell about it, and if other people supports it it will be done!

As there is many options, please choose your 4 favourites. To vote, simply select the options to your right and click vote.

Here a small explanation;

Egyptian Warship - A medium sized warship to fit a big gap in model kits since Atlantic, with crew.

Armenians - The Armenians that King Tigranes led against the Romans, in his battle with 200,000 troops that were defeated by 30,000 Romans (according to Roman historians). 

Palmyrans - With Queen Zenobia as the "leader" of the set.

Etruscans - With Hat apparently not releasing their set, and nobody having it done before, it would be very similar to the unreleased set Hat tried to make.

Ligurians; to fight the Romans on their early history.

Longobards - A Longobard set to fight Ostrogoths and Byzantines.

Napoleonic French Sailors - for the Napoleonic campaigns, much as the Hat set of British sailors.

Napoleonic Ottomans - Regular troops, without Janissaries.

Greek Infantry WW1 - Regular infantry + Evzones.

Seated WW2 British figures - To be fitted on top of tanks, driving vehicles, repairing vehicles, to be fitted in dioramas.

WW2 British Sailors - To be fitted on the Airfix and other manufacturers kits, to give more variety and to depict different uniforms.

Female WW2 Russian Soldiers - regular soldiers, pilots, snipers, etc, in all roles that women took part in WW2. 

WW2 Civilians - basic civilians to be used in nearly all scenarios, basic western look.

Dutch East Indies WW2 army - with their bush hats as they fought in ww2.

Iraqi Army (first Gulf War) - for the Desert Storm Operation.

Modern Chinese Army - Contemporary troops, to recreate fictional wargamings in which China tries to take over the world!

Modern Egyptian Army - for the recent trouble in the country and the possible future fightings and interventions it will be involved.

Modern Indian Army vs Modern Pakistani Army - Joint set to represent the Kashmir clashes.

Modern Radical Protesters - the ones you could find in Turkey, Ukraine, Greece or Italy, throwing molotov cocktails, setting fire to rubbish bins, armed with baseball bats, throwing bricks, and with the occasional weapon.

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Romano British moulds on the spotlight

Just a brief piece of news to let you know that after lots petitions we have decided to reissue the moulds of the King Arthur's Romano Britons, which will improve the quality of the figures and drastically reduce the flash on them. Also, new rigid and perfected spears will be included. And, a bonus new figure will be added to the set.

This reissue will mark the beginning of the new line, where all sets will be refurbished and improved.