viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

King Arthur's Romano Britons 1/72 released!!!

We are happy to announce the release of our second set, the Romano Britons of King Arthur. We have learned a lot from our earlier release and we are convinced that now we offer a much better product at a much better price. 

You can order them right now from this website 100 % securely with PayPal and find out more about them in their page clicking HERE;

                          002 - King Arthur's Romano Britons
1/72 - 28 figures -18 poses
Price; 10 GBP + 5 GBP S&H

Be sure to be fast to buy them as production will be limited! 5 sets are available as of now, and more production will be made, but you will have to wait a certain time.

In our constant endeavour to improve the quality of our soldiers and offer them at a lower cost, we will be changing the materials we use for the next set. 

Among other things, the next set will be easier to paint, will have much less flash and will be completely biodegradable. 

The next set will be the Persian Elephants, which the Persians recruited in their far east provinces and were at the Battle of Gaugamela.

I take the opportunity to tell you that everybody that orders the Romano British set will have a 1 GBP of discount in the purchase of the Persian Elephants set.

The Persian Elephants will be released in mid-May.

Soon, a Romano British set in 1/76 and a 1/72 set of Romano British just including the army figures (without the unique ones) will be made available.

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