miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2014

More news; The Trojan Horse and open poll

We have just finished our last set and we already thinking of the next ones!

It has been confirmed the next set will be the Trojan Horse. A fully 1/72 model of the legendary horse that allowed the Greeks to enter to the city of Troy. Unseen since the Atlantic release, now almost impossible to find. It will be made 100 % of hard plastic.

The next piece of news is that we have opened a poll to help us decide the next set of soldiers. 

All the sets of soldiers will have the same structure; 30 figures (approximately, if subject demands it, it will be increased a bit), hard plastic, 15 GBP shipped to your address. 3 or 6 unique figures (leaders, etc), and then 8-9 soldiers repeated x3. 

It is in your hand to decide which will be the subject! this poll will be conducted and taken into account different forums and websites.

This are the subjects;

Atlanteans; Semi-fantasy subject. A pseudo-historical representation of what could have been the Atlanteans if they really existed, seen as a sort of Mycenaean soldiers, with some fantasy touches.

Phoenicians; Pre-Persian rule, in their Golden Age. 1200 BC - 539 BC roughly.

Ponthic Army; The soldiers which Mithridates IV used against the Romans so many times.

Bagaudae; The peasant revolts that shakened the Roman Empire in it's decline.

Vandals; Will be made as the Vandals under Geiseric which sacked Rome in 455 AD.

Magyars; Circa 900 AD, as in their last battle against Otto II.

Napoleonic Ottoman Army; As the name suggests, Ottoman Army during the Napoleonic period.

Napoleonic French Sailors; All round sailors, not just official types, also sailors with informal uniform.

Greek Infantry WW1; Regular army and volunteers

Iraqi Army (first Gulf War); Regular army and rebels

4 comentarios:

  1. Greek infantry! yeah!

    Would You consider some pulpish figures?

    PULP interwar/WW2 figures:
    - civilians (doubling as civilians in WW2)
    - gansters and mobsters, US/Europe.
    - Tong/Asiatic/Yakuza gangsters
    - US policemen
    - civilian/nazi zombies
    - hooded cultists, also sacrificing
    - pulp heroes sets (can be overpriced) : brave adventurers/anthropologist/archeologist, elder professor, their loyal native friend, The Great White Hunter Jumanji style (cork helmet and elephant rifle), evil aristocrat (top hat&tails, tuxedo/white tie), detective, reporter with flash camera, damsel in distress (chained to chair), damsel before sacrifice, shaman/witchdoctor during sacrifice, masked Shadowlike avenger with rapier and revolver, crazy scientist. Extra point for extra heads in top hats, fedoras, fez, turban, African mask and cork helmet to let some conversion.
    Maybe even robot servants, trained chimpanzee, Frankenstein's monster, Predator etc. (There is enough ghosts, Yetis/Saskwatch, vampires and gorrillas already).

  2. Thanks for your comment :) . It will be considered in the next poll.

  3. Please can u make complete armies, like in the age of mythology board game,in instead of different random units.

  4. Thanks for your suggestion, Quantum. So you would like for example, an ancient army with infantry, cavalry, command, skirmishers, etc? or you are refering to a modern army with infantry, trucks, tanks, reconaissance vehicles, artillery and the like?