viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014

Persian War Elephants; prototype pics

Here at Hegemony Miniatures we keep busy preparing the next set to release. The prototypes are finished and the release is going to be very soon. The Persian War Elephants will complete the gap left by other manufacturers, giving you the opportunity of perfectly representing the battle of Gaugamela, and other important battles of the Persian Empire.

As principal novelties, this set will be 100 % made out of plastic (bio-degradable plastic). And the flash will be reduced drastically. We have made this change to improve and be able offer better and more detailed figures, which will be much easier to paint. 

The set will consist of 2 Elephants and 6 crew. The price will be the same than the Romano British set, 15 GBP in total shipped to your home.

I leave you with the pics of the prototypes;

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