lunes, 12 de mayo de 2014

Persian War Elephants set released!!!

A great day comes as we release our first 100 % plastic set, the Persian War Elephants! 

We continue improving our releases, with finer sculpting, less flash (almost non-existant!) and with a plastic that will make painting as easy as any regular plastic soldier on the market today. This set can be glued with solvent glue, like Poly Cement from Humbrol. Also, we continue adjusting our methods so we offer sets at better value each time, here you will get 2 elephants complete with crew for 15 GBP shipped to your home. 

Nevertheless, we keep our environmental friendly manufacturing process, which uses bio-degradable plastic and produces nearly no residues nor toxic emissions.

You can buy them now securely through PayPal using the Buy Now button or if you prefer directly from eBay;

You can see more pics and buy them on their page;                       

                                003 - Persian War Elephants                            
1/72 - 6 figures - 2 elephants
Price; 10 GBP + 5 GBP S&H worldwide

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