Hegemomy Miniatures is are an artisanal manufacturer which aims at creating all those sets that other manufacturers don't bother to produce, creating new and interesting possibilities, instead of repeating the same themes over and over.

We Hegemony Miniatures we are based in Malta, European Union and we design and produce all our range here in Europe :), using the most ecological and sustainable ways. We do not receive any EU-funds nor governmental funds nor other financial help.

We are proud to say that our figures are the least contaminant and toxic in this hobby. The plastic we use is non-toxic and bio-degradable, and it doesn't release any toxic agents, not even in the producing stage. 

Our selling system doesn't need several steps of distribution and transport, it is produced and sent directly to you.

We aim to continue improving each time, as in our first released set we've had to overcome countless setbacks and problems, and hundreds of hours have been spent in producing these soldiers. 

For any further question please contact our email; hegemonyminiatures@gmail.com