Friday, 11 January 2019

Back to work - all orders processed - suggestions welcome

Hello figurine collectors everywhere, this is an update to tell everyone that all orders have been processed and the shop is running as usual.

At Hegemony we are hard working with the new set, the WW1 Chasseurs Alpins (a bit late for the 100 years of WW1, but better late than never). We have received some suggestion of what should be our next new set.

If you have any ideas, we are open to suggestions. If you are very eager to see a special set done, just let us know so, and tell your friends to send us emails asking for the same set, then there will be more chances to get what you want.

Best Regards and have a prosperous 2019 to all.


  1. Can you reissue Babylonian and the Atlantean's

  2. Far East/Chinese civilians for 1900-1950 (Warlord era, Civil war) etc.

    Wild West civilians.

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  4. Also Africa 1870-1960 civilians: woman with quern-stones, small chiddren, sitting elder, animal herder, craft worker, etc.

  5. Especially ancient & medieval themes! Yes, please Atlanteans, Babylonians again! And Minoans? Heroes & beasts from greek mythology?

    Also possible early modern - grenadiers using grenades, Carriers for little mortar, Morion-helmet wearing conquistadores (also mounted)

    Or famous (film & real) western figures & pirates (think on bartholomew Portuguez on a wine-bottle-raft...).
    Don't know if it's in your interest to make big models, if yes a Pentecontere & sloop would be nice.

    What's missing for each era & culture are civilians & workers.